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CROE is the next generation of caviar - an exceptional product which embraces its heritage, whilst looking to the future. Although produced in the traditional homeland of caviar, it is done so as sustainably as possible in order to protect and celebrate its future every step of the way.

From the first stage of the production process, sustainability takes a vital role through the use of solar panels and renewable energy at our hatcheries. This means the sturgeon are kept in a temperature-controlled environment for their welfare, but purely through sustainable methods to reduce our carbon emissions.

All CROE packaging has been thoughtfully designed to be fully reusable or recyclable. For example, all deliveries to the wider UK outside of London are sent in bespoke WoolCool bags, incorporating wool for its superior insulting properties, whilst also being fully compostable and biodegradable. Available in abundance as a bi-product of sheep rearing, this wool ensures CROE can deliver your product to you perfectly chilled without compromising on sustainability or performance. All other packaging, including our tins, ice packs and thermic bags are also re-useable or recyclable.

CROE is working closely with UK environmental charity, Earthly, in order to actively fight climate change and de-forestation, with the end goal to become a climate positive company. With every 10g of caviar bought from CROE, 1 Mangrove tree will automatically be planted. Earthly has already planted over 300 million Mangroves, creating 3 million days of work for the local community, and CROE is looking to help them hit their target of 500 million tress by 2025. We’ve chosen to plant Mangroves specifically as they sequester carbon at a rate of 2-4 times greater than mature tropical forests, whilst also increasing biodiversity and sediment reduction on the coast. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear more about our sustainable efforts, and if you wish to donate more trees to the cause you can do so at the checkout.

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